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Do you have a rewards programme?

Once you have registered as a user on our website, you will automatically accrue rewards points each time you place an order.

Every $100 you spend earns you 25 reward points!

Earn 250 reward points to redeem a $25 voucher; earn 500 points to redeem a $50 voucher.

Reward points need to be applied by you when you want to use them. You will be notified that you have enough points as you go through the checkout. Once you have accumulated 250 points, a box will pop up in the checkout and all you do is type in 250, click apply and the $25 will be taken off your order total.

When will my order be shipped?

We ship orders on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will do our best to send your order within 2 business days of receiving it!

What method of postage do you use?

You can choose between E-Parcel (Registered Post) and E-Parcel Express (Express Post).

E-Parcel is our regular shipping service where your order is tracked and insured. It is generally a 3 -5 business day transit time, except for SA and WA, which can take a week or so.

If you are not home you should receive a card to collect your item from your local post office. If you do not wish to collect from the post office, you may select the "permission to leave" option in the checkout. However, please note that if your parcel goes missing and you have chosen this option, we are not able to replace items lost or stolen from your doorstep as this forfeits all insurance options.

E-Parcel Express is the best way to get your order fast! However it is not a next day dispatch service. Express Post orders are still sent on our regular shipping days of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Usually Express orders are delivered within 24hrs from the time it is shipped, but for regional areas it can take 48 hours.

Tracking your order

Once your order has been sent, we will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number. This tracking number will not be active until after 5pm of the day it is shipped.

FREE Shipping

Free shipping is available to all retail orders over $199!*

* Excluding cold items and Express Post

Cold items

Bottarga and Custom Probiotics are always shipped on a Monday or Tuesday and sometimes seperate to the rest of your order. Please make sure there is someone home to accept your parcel or check at your post office if your order has not arrived within 24 hours of being sent.

Cold items do not qualify for free shipping.

Levels of EPA/DHA

Fermented Cod Liver Oil:

EPA 150mg and DHA 90mg per 2 caps (or per 1ml)

Blue Ice Royal Blend:

Capsules: EPA 150mg and DHA 90mg per 2 caps Gel: EPA 250mg, DHA 150mg, Omega 3 800mg per ½ tsp

The amounts above are typical but will naturally vary from batch to batch just like any fresh/unprocessed food.

Vitamin A and D Levels

Fermented Cod Liver Oil:

Vitamin A 1825IU, Vitamin D 426IU per 2 caps (or per 1ml)

Blue Ice Royal Blend:

Capsules: Vitamin A 1825IU, Vitamin D 426IU per 2 caps

Gel: Vitamin A 3000IU, Vitamin D 885IU per ½ tsp

All amounts listed in above questions are typical and will vary slightly from batch to batch.

Fermented vs. non-fermented

Non-fermented cod liver oil (such as found in health food stores and supermarkets is processed and refined by molecular distillation. This process strips away the naturally-occurring nutrients, so synthetic vitamins are then required to boost the nutritional value of the oil. This process also requires the oil to be heated to high temperature, affecting the stability of structure of the oil.

Fermented cod liver oil is 100% RAW and is produced by age-old traditional methods, fermented for up to 12 months in large stainless steel vats, without the use of any heat. This cold production makes the oil extremely stable.

It is completely free from synthetic vitamins and is naturally rich in EPA, DHA, Omega 3 and Vitamins A and D.

Utmost care is taken in the harvesting of this nutrient dense food.

Butter vs. Butter Oil

It takes about 4kg of cream to yield 230g of X-Factor Gold! What a precious food!

X-Factor Gold is made seasonally from May through October, from the milk of cows feeding on rapidly growing pasture. Rapid growth is the key to the Activator X content, and irrigation and rotational grazing are the keys to constant rapid growth. This is stricly maintained in the Green Pasture Products cow pastures.

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